The Christadelphians are a worldwide affiliation of people who base their religious beliefs entirely on the original Christianity taught by Jesus Christ and his followers, which are outlined in the Bible.


Christadelphians聽believe that:

  • There is one God, the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the creator of all things and has a wonderful purpose with us.
  • God has made promises in the Bible that show how He will bring peace and righteousness to the whole world when Jesus Christ is sent back to establish God鈥檚 everlasting kingdom on earth
  • It is because of God鈥檚 love and desire to save people that He extends His grace to us through His son Jesus Christ.
  • People need saving from death; when a person dies, there is no life after death except by resurrection from the dead at Christ鈥檚 second coming.
  • Jesus Christ showed the world the character of God and what is true justice, goodness and love.
  • Believers show a new life in Christ by following Jesus, being baptised and striving to live as Jesus did, free from values of personal selfishness, political partisanship and violence, a life based upon the principles of love for God and for their neighbour.
  • Belief is reinforced by seeing events that were foretold in the Bible coming to pass, all pointing forward to the time when Christ would return. This includes global issues like the lack of moral direction, rise in escalating disease, ecological destruction, political unrest and armed conflict. The Bible gives hope as these are the signs of the promised return of Jesus Christ to the earth. So, believers have hope and do not live in fear, confident that God鈥檚 purpose is to 鈥渇ill the earth with the knowledge of the glory of God鈥. Even so COME Lord Jesus!

The website below is produced by Australian Christadelphians and outlines our beliefs and way of life.